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Holiday Traditions Throughout The Practice

Have you ever wondered how therapists sprinkle a bit of festive magic into their lives? Well, you're in for a treat! In this blog, our therapists are ditching the couch for a cozy chat about their favorite holiday traditions. We know the holiday season can be hard for some, therefore from quirky rituals to heartwarming moments, get ready for a dose of feel-good stories that'll make you smile. So kick back, relax, and let's unwrap the season together!


The Goodings

The Gooding's most recent holiday tradition is to walk through the Town of Huntington's Holiday Spectacular (@huntingtonholidayspectacular) on Christmas Eve. "We love to walk around the town and enjoy the beautiful lights after a nice Christmas Eve dinner. The town of Huntington does such a great job decorating during the season!"


Liana loves making homemade latkes with her family for Hanukkah. They all love to shred and fry the potatoes by hand. It makes the whole house smell delicious! Then they sit together for a family dinner, which always involves homemade brisket, lighting the menorah, and opening presents!


Peter loves dressing up his dog and her best friend in matching outfits! Something tells us he and his family enjoy it much more than the pups do!


Julie's favorite holiday tradition is baking and decorating cookies while watching Christmas movies with her family. "There is nothing better than getting cozy on the couch, counting down the days until December 25th!"


Lisa shared, as her husband is German, they have incorporated a lot of those traditions. One of her favorite traditions is having Christmas fondue complete with chocolate fondue for dessert. "It’s fun in and of itself and naturally slows down our dinner - allowing more time for conversation, laughter, etc."

Also, each family member gets a new ornament for the tree every year. "It’s wonderful looking back over the old ones as we remember the hobbies, sports, etc. we used to enjoy, the kid’s different interests, and trying to find the one that is most fitting for them right now. We also have ornaments for each of our belated pets with their picture, and it’s a special way to remember each of them."


Michelle makes lots and lots of Christmas cookies. "I started as a young girl baking with my mother. I make several kinds of cookies: my most popular are shortbread cookies, peanut butter kiss, chocolate chip cookies and magic cookie bars. My biggest fail was one year, my niece and I tried to make tri-colored cookies. Whatever we did was not right; they tasted terrible and they barely stacked up. We never made them again!"


Lauren shared: "Every holiday season my family makes cookies from a recipe we learned from my grandma. In recent years, as she has gotten older, she hasn’t been able to participate as much. So now, we go to my dad’s store (he owns a deli/catering business) and she sits with us while me, my sister, my dad, my fiancé, and my sister’s boyfriend make the cookies. It’s always a nice opportunity for us to do something together around the very busy holiday season."


Margaret shared during the holiday season, she and her child go to see The Jinkx and Dela holiday show! She says it is their tradition each year and they love it everytime!


Brian said each year his husband loves to make Gingerbread Castles, and he is quite talented at doing so. Brian looks forward to supporting him in the process by eating the finished product!


In Alison's family they all carry on traditions established by their mother. Her passed down ornaments decorate their trees, and her special dishes fill the dinner tables. It has been a great way to pass down the festive traditions from previous generations. The meal is and has always been the focus of all family gatherings, and their doors are always open to family and friends.


Every year Sean likes to get into the holiday spirit by venturing into New York City and walking down 5th Avenue. He always grabs a warm Sabrett hotdog and hot pretzel as he starts the walk from The Plaza Hotel. He loves people watching almost as much as gazing at shop windows. Of course, Sean saves the best for last by ending at Rockefeller Center and the tree.


Jamie's favorite holiday tradition is going to cut down a real tree every year with her family. She has never had a fake tree and never plans to! The best part is then decorating the tree with bright and colorful ornaments. Her son is already a pro at helping to decorate!


Nicole gets out early, rain or shine to help the community! She said since beginning to work at Meadow School in Baldwin, she enjoys packing up and delivering the generously donated toys and clothes for some of the students and families. This has been one, if not the best parts of her job!


And that's a wrap on our therapists' holiday traditions! From cozy rituals to heartwarming moments, we hope these stories added a sprinkle of joy to your day. As you navigate the festive season, remember the magic that happens when traditions weave a tapestry of connection and care. Wishing you a season filled with love, laughter, and your own special moments of holiday cheer. Until next time, take care and enjoy the festivities!

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