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Parenting Support & Training

"Everybody knows how to raise children, except for the people who have them"  - P.J. O'Rourke

The world is changing so rapidly that even young parents see how growing up today is dramatically different from when they were children. Academic and social challenges, the pressures of social and digital media, coupled with the age-old stressors of having the latest toy, cell phone, gaming system, fashion, etc., all in the name of fitting in, have had a significant impact on our childrens’ mental health.


Our children were already dealing with mental health challenges from all of these issues prior to the pandemic. Now, though, the rates of anxiety and depression have substantially increased.


More than ever, giving our children of all ages the tools to manage and cope with the demands of growing up is essential.  We can’t keep them from experiencing these difficulties but we can make sure they have the tools they need to cope in healthy ways and build resilience.


Because the professionals at Gooding Wellness are specially trained with years of hands-on and direct contact supporting families, we understand the stressors and challenges children of any age, and their parents, face. 


Our team can offer you and your family the tools you need to create a positive home environment and support your children, from elementary school to college-bound, through life’s difficult stages and transitions. Empowering families enables them to support and empower their children. 


Many of our clinicians are also school-based professionals, with intimate knowledge of the environment children face each day. So helping parents recognize what is concerning - and what isn’t - and making sure parents are included in the process of helping the entire family navigate those challenges is one of our specialties.

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