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Mental Health Counselor / Clinical Coordinator


Julie Keffer believes in a collaborative process of discovery in a space where clients feel safe and heard. She demonstrates warmth, acceptance, humor and empathy with clients and families. Working from a strength-based approach, she helps clients identify their strengths and what may be blocking their access to them. Julie works with her clients to strategize and overcome identified obstacles to maximize these strengths. 

Julie has an eclectic theoretical orientation drawing from person-centered therapy, Adlerian therapy, and cognitive-behavior therapy.  She works with her clients to develop concrete problem-solving skills and to identify and cultivate appropriate coping skills.  Julie helps clients to recognize the importance of self-care and to incorporate it into their daily lives.  

Julie has a unique background ideal for a therapist that combines her accepting and friendly nature with her experiences as an educator, advocate and parent.  She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and graduate degrees in education and mental health counseling.  Julie is a National Certified Counselor who specializes in grief which is a passion for her.  Through her work in bereavement and special education she has developed a sensitivity to loss, across the lifespan, as manifested in many ways.  When working with people grieving a loved one, her focus is not on helping clients to move on, but rather to move forward with less pain.  When working with families of children diagnosed with developmental disabilities, Julie focuses on acceptance, inclusion and advocacy. 

Julie Keffer, LMHC, NCC

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