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Trauma Therapy

"Trauma is a fact of life.  It does not, however, have to be a life sentence."  -Peter Levine, Ph.D.

Often when we think of trauma, we think of the kinds of events that threaten our physical safety or where we suffered a physical injury. 


There are more “common” ways we can experience trauma, though, like divorce, infidelity, or financial distress, for example. While these experiences may not pose an immediate threat to our physical safety, they nevertheless result in a feeling of fear and threat to our self and well-being that is just as intense as a single traumatic event.


Both kinds of trauma have very real effects on us, leaving us feeling helpless, and impeding our ability to live the life we want, where we feel safe, secure, loved, and peaceful. 


Trauma therapy provides a controlled and supported environment, helping to release you from the hold the trauma has on your life, and allowing you to move beyond it, creating a more positive and peaceful life.

We also offer EMDR to assist in the treatment of certain traumas.

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