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Walk and Talk or Outdoor Therapy

Who says therapy has to take place indoors when it is a beautiful day outside?

Walking in nature, listening to the sounds of wildlife, feeling the breeze against your skin, watching ospreys in flight, and looking out over the inner harbor  - all create a sense of peace, calm, and belonging to the larger world. 


There are numerous health benefits to being outside, including a sense of relaxation, and reducing our stress & cortisol levels, muscle tension, and heart rate. Sometimes changing your environment also opens up new ways of seeing and understanding.  Using this time and environment is an exceptional way to build rapport while working with a therapist. 


An activity like walking can especially be beneficial to children and adolescents, who may feel sitting in an office is another means of being constricted and restrained. We have the benefit of being located near a beautiful waterfront park in the historic and charming Village of Cold Spring Harbor, and close to Cold Spring Harbor State Park. We’re also fortunate to have a local garden behind our office, providing another option for outdoor enjoyment and support.


If this sounds like an experience you might enjoy or just want to try out, we’re happy to arrange that with you. (We like the opportunity to be outside, too!)

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