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Lighten Up The Season With Our Feel Good Holiday Movies

It is that time of the year again! The holiday season is upon us and the team at Gooding Wellness PC are here for it. We know the holidays can be both fun for some while also difficult for others. Family dynamics can be strenuous, we might be in early recovery, or maybe this is the first holiday after losing a loved one.

Whatever you might be struggling with, the GW team wants to spread happiness for the holidays by sharing some of our favorite holiday movies. Whether it is childhood memories, traditions, or just a feel-good movie, we hope to share holiday cheer with you.

Here are some of our clinician’s favorite holiday movies and memories!

Gordon shared he often gets very busy with the day to day stressors and forgets to find comfort in the true celebration of family and gratitude we often feel during the holiday season. This movie is a great reminder to focus on what is really important: helping others, family & friends.

Reisa shared she loves the cast, the humor, and the backdrop of Christmas. She admires the cleverness of the child to stay safe and protect his home and the message of not judging our neighbors. It's a feel-good movie that she could watch every year!

This was a fan favorite! Liana, Michelle, and Ashley are huge fans of Will Ferrel while Julie is a huge Bob Newhart fan. They all love how Buddy is always in a positive mood, cherishing all of the traditions and beautiful parts of the holidays despite what might be going on in his life. Ashley cherishes the message of love and acceptance in such a light and sweet and humorous way. Carmela, Julie, and Callie adore how Buddy sees Christmas through a child's eye and it makes me "believe" in the season. Michelle’s favorite part is when Buddy decorated everything and enjoyed seeing the Elf play in the city as a family.

Christine and Amanda’s favorite holiday movie is “How a grinch stole Christmas. Christine appreciates how the movie highlights a good message about the importance of giving on Christmas to others and spending time celebrating together. As much as we all think we love getting gifts, Christine noticed that as she gets older she finds so much joy in giving thoughtful gifts to my loved ones to let them know they are appreciated. Although some may see a grouchy character, Amanda loves the way the Grinch develops a heart for the people of Who-Ville throughout the story. This movie brings her memories of drinking hot chocolate and singing along to all the songs while laughing with my cousins during the holiday season. The movie symbolizes that a bit of kindness, connection and belonging can help everyone feel valued.

Amy’s favorite movie is the original "It's A Wonderful Life", (starring Jimmy Stewart). She loves how it demonstrates how important everyone's life is and how our actions affect others. This is also Peter’s holiday favorite which was introduced to him by his wife! He shares it inspires gratitude and emphasizes second chances in life. Kim Gooding has great memories of growing up and watching the movie as a tradition on Christmas Eve. She loves it because it shows us that no matter how low we may be feeling in life, we are loved and we matter.

Nicole and her family are huge fans of this classic! Nicole shares she watched it with her parents growing up and now she watches it with her kids, and now everyone can reference their favorite part.

Sean’s favorite is “The Holiday” for its themes of Self-care, self-empowerment, learning to trust again, kindness and love. He appreciates the wonderful actors, a heart-warming script, beautiful connections/chemistry throughout the movie and a depth in characters you rarely see anymore in the "Christmas-feel-good romance" kind of movies. If you want a good soundtrack, he definitely recommends this one!

Which one is your favorite? Whether its taking part in your most memorable tradition or creating new ones, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday with loved ones. If you’re looking for additional support during the holiday season, all of our wonderful clinicians are here to help. We are excited to connect you with the best fit for you.

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