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Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

Nicole Naggar, LCSW from the Gooding Wellness Group in Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Nicole Naggar has been working with children and their families in a multitude of settings for over 20 years. With a decade of experience working with children with severe emotional and psychiatric difficulties, she also fully understands the school systems and support services that are available in a public school setting. She is a long term advocate for children and families on Long Island and has experience helping both children and adults cope with various life stressors including divorce, relationship issues and various behavioral issues. Nicole believes strongly in improving the functioning of families by supporting each family member in order to provide the unit with balance and calmness.


Nicole believes that being light-hearted, honest, and kind goes a long way when establishing therapeutic relationships with her clients. “It is imperative that children feel comfortable, safe and secure when seeking support,” she states.


Nicole understands that people need to have the proper motivation and desire to want to change their behaviors.  She has the tools, knowledge and the ability to encourage and motivate individuals, children and families to make the changes necessary to their success. She is positive, flexible and truly dedicated to children and their families. 

Nicole Naggar, LCSW

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