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Addiction Recovery & Support

Recovery is a team sport.

Sometimes, to avoid the pain we’re feeling around what’s happening in our lives, we find ourselves turning to any number of things to avoid having to think about it. It might be drugs, alcohol, relationships, shopping, gambling, food, or sex. In each case, we’re trying to avoid the fear and pain we’re feeling. 


Recognizing and confronting addiction and beginning the process of recovery is one of the bravest and most meaningful challenges you can confront.


Recovery doesn’t just mean abstinence. It means learning to live life on life’s terms, developing positive coping skills, and discovering ways to deal with challenges like difficult emotions, loneliness, and boredom in a constructive way. 


Twelve-step programs are a valuable means of support and sometimes you need more, or simply a different type of help. Wherever you are on your journey, having a therapist who understands and specializes in recovery can be an invaluable partner. We make sure you’re matched with one who is right for your situation and challenges.

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