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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & depression are frequently interconnected and can have challenging effects on our personal and professional lives.  Finding evidence based strategies to counter the negative thought patterns we have can become a valuable tool for our recovery.  Together we can explore these patterns and find strategies to replace them with more positive and nurturing patterns.

Addiction Treatment & Assesment

Addiction can take many shapes and forms.  Addictions to drugs, alcohol, relationships, shopping, gambling, food or sex have become a symptom of a society looking to escape from our pain. Fear of facing these facts can be overwhelming and denying to our addictions will continue to cause pain. Finally facing our addictions is not something that we have to do alone.  

Formally assessing  if you or your loved one are struggling with an addiction or some other is the first step towards getting the help needed.  We have the experience and tools needed to asses for addiction and mental health issues and help choose a course of action most appropriate for treatment.  Additionally we can connect you to the services best able to fit you or your loved ones needs.  From Inpatient services, to intensive outpatients, to self-help groups to individual treatment we can connect you with the supports needed to succeed.

Recovery Support

After we have faced our addiction and admitted to our problem, we are now faced with the new challenge of recovery. Living life on life's terms for a recovering person has its challenges whether in recovery for 3 months or 30 years.  Support through 12 step programs can provide tremendous support.  Individual treatment with a therapist who understands the challenges of addiction and recovery can be equally valuable to any 12 step support system.  You do not have to recover alone.

Relationship Issues

Growing together with our loved ones can be an amazing gift.  Somewhere along the line we sometimes struggle with those closest to us.  We may bring our old emotional issues into a new relationship or perhaps we find our old ways of communicating with our loved one is no longer working the way it used to.  Change is difficult but taking steps to increase communication and sort out our old beliefs that no longer serve us, can bring new light and joy to the relationships we cherish.

Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops

​In order to support you in your continued emotional, mental and physical wellness development we offer a variety of programs that enhance any efforts you are making in psychotherapy.  Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation all serve as a strong support to build emotional resilience, improve concentration, reduce stress and provide aditional tools to enable us face many of the personal struggles that we may face.  Our Saturday Morning Mindfulness Group  serve as a great support to reduce stress and teach you vital skills you may need to continue your growth.  Our Sunday Evening Restorative Yoga or "Mindfulness on the Mat" also incorporates the practice light movements and stretching in order to help settles disturbing thoughts or feelings.  Check our WORKSHOPS page for more offerings

Stress Managment & Resiliance

Stress is a normal part of our daily experience.  Too much stress can bring devastating consequences including stomach issues, increased blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, increased fatigue, reduced immunity to illness, physical pain and can make us more vulnerable to mood issues like anger and depression.  Finding proven ways to cope with stress can provide joy throughout our entire lives.  When we stop worrying about our lives and start being present and actively participating in our daily world, we often find the relief and comfort that we have been seeking all along.  Together we can find the strategies  that work best for you. 

Adult Child Of Alcoholics & Family of Origin Support

Addiction is often described as a "family disease" because it doesn't only affect the person dealing with the addiction but all those around the person as well.  Since it is a family disease, everyone in the family can find a path forward in recovery.  Any serious dysfunction in a family, including addictions and mental illness, can have lasting effects on those around it.  We all have the ability to recover.

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