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Disordered Eating & Body Image

You may not need us now but when you do we'll be there to help

You may not be sure exactly where and when it started. Maybe it was when everything around you felt so out of control and the easiest thing - or the only thing? - you could control was what you ate.


Eventually you realize the thing you need to survive - food - has become your enemy. 


As well-meaning as family and friends can be, and as much as they want to understand and help, they don’t know how. Their best intentions hurt more than they help.


If the constant internal battle to eat or not eat has taken a hold on your life and your mental health, if you’re wanting to heal your relationship with food and your body image, and aren’t sure where to start, your healing journey can begin here.


We have a team of people who are on your side, and you’re not alone.

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