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As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), couples and families usually come to me because they are already aware that something needs to change. Understanding that relationship dynamics create the need for treatment, I work collaboratively with everyone involved to transform those dynamics.


When working with clients to solve the problems they face, I use an inclusive approach, keeping in mind that everyone brings their own unique knowledge, perspective, strengths, and resources to their situation. I’m committed to using my understanding and expertise in mental health and relationships to help clients achieve their goals.


While I often work with families, my primary focus is couples counseling. I have taught masters level classes, delivered presentations on couples and family counseling, and am specially trained in Gottman Method Couples therapies. This is a therapeutic technique based on scientific research that includes private online assessments, allowing me to gather a lot of vital information with less time/expense. 


In some cases, couples arrive with mismatched goals. Through discernment counseling, we can clarify the path you want to pursue for your relationship.


Because we all approach life with our own unique perspective, my goal in treatment is to ensure that everyone is heard and validated, and help you determine what the best path forward is for all concerned. 


Lisa Current, LMFT

Clinical Director / Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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