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I understand it can be hard to reach out for help during our most difficult times in life, whether it’s for yourself, your children or your family. I offer my clients a space free of judgment to talk about and explore the stressors they’re experiencing. 


As a parent, you may feel like you’re supposed to have all the answers, not just for yourself but for your children, as well. When those answers don’t come easily, or at all, it’s frustrating and frightening. When you see social media posts that only show others’ happiest moments, you can feel isolated and alone. The reality, though, is you’re not alone and every parent struggles and worries about their child. 


I meet you where you are, taking into account your family’s unique dynamics and relationships, and working collaboratively to find the best ways to help you feel supported in a safe and comfortable environment.


I’ve worked with elementary and pre-teen children as a school social worker for over 20 years. When working with children at this age, my goal is to build rapport so they feel seen & heard, allowing them to open up. Since they don’t have a lot of life experience to reflect on, identifying feelings and emotions is confusing and overwhelming for them. We’ll work together to explain what those feelings and emotions mean so they can understand and express them better.


Because every one of us is unique, I take an eclectic approach with each individual client, based on your needs, current concerns, and goals. My public school experience and program at the Training Institute for Mental Health in NYC enables me to take a humanistic approach to treatment, meaning we’ll focus on recognizing and releasing the beliefs and assumptions you have that are holding you back from achieving your goals and creating the life you want. Based on whatever is the most effective treatment plan for you, we may also use a variety of treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, strength based therapy, and mindfulness.

Ashley Gleeson, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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