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Our Favorite Summer Activities and Places

Updated: Jul 1

Our Favorite Summer Activities and Places Here on Long Island

Summer is here, and with longer days and less hectic schedules, it's a great time to give our bodies and minds the rest and care they deserve. There are many ways of accomplishing this: a morning walk, a day at the beach, time with family and friends in our own backyards; what's therapeutic for one person, may be different for another.

We asked our therapists how they relax and recharge over the summer here on Long Island. You'll hear about sandy beaches, hiking, backyard fun and much more.

So sit back and relax while we tell you how we sit back and relax ourselves!


Gordon Gooding, LCSW

Director & Founder

I love to visit family on Shelter Island over the summer. I have been going there since childhood and love to spend time sailing, on the water, visiting family, and eating great seafood. It is an amazingly special place for me that I always look forward to returning to, no matter the season. It isn't summer without spending some time on "the Rock."


Peter Juliano, LCSW

Associate Director

I love to explore new places to hike with my wife and dog, Leila, such as Avalon Nature Preserve, Sagamore Hill, and Blydenburgh Park. We also enjoy visiting Sag Harbor, Montauk, and of course relaxing and watching concerts in our home town of Northport.


Liana Ross, LMHC

Clinical Director

My favorite place to spend time this summer is our backyard. We've put a lot of work into creating a space where we can invite our friends and family over to have a BBQ, relax on the hammock, or sit around the fire pit. Over the past 3 years in our house, it has become our little oasis.


Lisa Current, LMFT

Clinical Director

Lisa Current, LMFT

I love to spend time with friends, family and our dog going for hikes at Sagamore Hill, Teddy Roosevelt’s former estate, or in Muttontown Preserve, as well as biking in Bethpage State Park. Being outdoors helps gives me peace through perspective about and connection to the greater world. I’m also looking forward to combining my love of the outdoors with culture by attending Shakespeare in the Courtyard at the Vanderbilt Museum.


Michele Gegwich, LCSW

Several nights a week I go to the beach and watch the sunset. It’s a beautiful way to mindfully let go of the day. I enjoy paying attention to the sky in the evening to guess whether it will be a pretty sunset. Thankfully we live on Long Island- surrounded by great beaches.


Julia Purcaro, LMFT

I absolutely love Long Island summers, mostly because my favorite thing to do is go to the beach. If I’m in the mood to go swimming in the ocean I’ll head to Robert Moses. On days I’m looking for a low key beach day, I will go to Crab Meadow beach and enjoy some pizza and hanging with my family and friends. I find being outside near water on a nice day is so peaceful and relaxing!


Lauren Torrisi, LMHC

One of my favorite summer activities is going to watch the sunset by the beach! I am always amazed by the beautiful sunsets over the ocean and there is something so peaceful and relaxing about being there.


Danielle Sweeney, LMHC

As the summer approaches, I look forward to spending time with my kids at Long Beach to enjoy some fun in the sun, great parks, bike rides on the boardwalk, and then ice cream by sunset! We plan on exploring various amusement parks like Adventureland, Hersey Park, and end the summer with a trip to Disney World. And for this mom, summer nights playing softball with friends in Rockville Center gives me much needed time with friends and play a sport I love!


Amanda Cioffi, LCSW

One of my favorite things about summer is the reduced work hours and ability to travel out to Montauk with family and friends. We go every Memorial Day and a few times over the summer months to enjoy the beach, restaurants, shops and summer night bonfires on the beach!


We hope you enjoyed hearing about our favorite places and things to do over the summer here on Long Island. While our team likes to relax a bit over the summer we remain open and dedicated to our clients all summer long. Please feel free to book a consultation or give us a call if there is anything you need.

We wish you a happy summer, filled with all of the people and things you treasure most to make for a relaxing and rejuvenating season. Post a comment below to tell us places you would like to go over the summer.

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