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One of the biggest challenges of starting therapy is facing the anxiety of opening up to someone you don’t know. My priority is to provide you with an environment of safety and trust, once you make that decision.


I began my career as an agency clinician, working with individuals and families impacted by domestic violence. From there, I served as an Education Supervisor and clinician working within the treatment world of substance use. This experience gave me valuable insight into the dynamics and circumstances many young people and their families face. Now, as a middle school social worker, I’ve seen how those same dynamics combine with each person’s daily experiences and environment, shaping our perception of ourselves and the world, just as we’re getting ready to enter it as adults.


With the high expectations and pressure we feel from ourselves and others, I offer a non judgemental space, meeting you where you are with compassion and empathy. I specialize in working with young adults facing life transitions, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and trauma, and have experience with cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, and trauma-based therapies. Using solution-focused approaches, you’ll build on your existing strengths and coping skills, and develop new ways to challenge negative thought patterns in order to achieve your goals.


You want someone who will greet you with compassion, who will be on your side, and help empower you. Compassion and empathy are my basis for working with clients, so together we can define and work toward the goals you set, and you can learn to use your innate strengths to achieve those goals.

Amanda Cioffi, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Supervisor

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