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So How Will This Work?

Our Guide for Returning To Our Offices

As our world slowly starts to return to some sense of “normalcy”, we are excited to begin to reopen our offices in compliance with federal and state guidelines. While this may look slightly different than it did before, we want to assure our clients and community we are doing everything we can to keep the public and our clinical team safe. We have learned a lot during this time and, as a result, have modified our services to adapt to changing demands while continuing to offer support to individuals and families. Many of our clinicians will be available in the office for appointments within the next few weeks. While some clients are looking forward to returning to face-to-face sessions, we will also continue to offer teletherapy to those more comfortable with our online platform.

So what are we doing to keep clients and clinicians safe?

  1. We will continue to offer teletherapy. For clients who are not comfortable returning to the office, we will continue to provide an online platform for providing services. We believe that this will not only be beneficial to those at higher risk, it will also provide flexibility to accommodate for clients’ busy schedules. Do you like to come in person but have an important commitment and can’t make the commute? An online session may be just the thing for that week.

  2. We will be implementing screening tools for in office visits. Prior to any in-person meetings, clients will be required to complete a simple screening survey to ensure that they have not been exposed to COVID-19 or have any presenting symptoms. We will also be taking everyone's temperature with a "no-touch" thermometer. While this will not guarantee to stop the spread of the virus, we hope to make every effort to minimize the risk to our clients, clinicians and community members.

  3. Our waiting room will be closed. Each client will be asked to wait outside in their cars or on a bench outside prior to their appointment. Your therapist will invite you into the building when it is your appointment time. The front door to 181 Main Street will be locked after Sweetie Pies is closed and your therapist will let you into the building at your scheduled time. Clients and Clinicians will be required to wear a mask while entering and exiting the offices.

  4. We will continue to practice social distancing guidelines in the office. Each of our spacious offices in Cold Spring Harbor have enough room so we can keep separated by the recommended 6 feet. While we will be able to ensure a 6 foot distance while in session, face masks will be available for those clients who feel more comfortable wearing a mask.

  5. We will continue to offer outdoor sessions when appropriate. Even prior to COVID-19 one of the advantages of our location is utilizing the beautiful village of Cold Spring Harbor. Sitting in the open air by the water or on a park bench offers many clients a less intense environment than sitting face-to-face in an office. Utilizing the outdoor spaces in our village can offer an additional layer of protection from the virus for those individuals willing to venture outdoors.

  6. We will continue to encourage proper hand and office hygiene. Staying vigilant during this time will be an ongoing process. Each office will be equipped with hand sanitizer and all common surface areas will be wiped down regularly. We will also continue to thoroughly clean the offices regularly.

While this pandemic has changed all of us, we are committed to continuing to support our clients and community. The amount of stress and anxiety that we have all experienced over these last 12 weeks have been nothing more than extraordinary. This period of prolonged stress may have been difficult for your relationships, friendships, career and finances. You may have lost a loved one to COVID-19 or been on the front lines as a healthcare worker exposed to unimaginable pain. As the weather continues to warm and we begin to step out of social isolation, it may be time to get back on track with those personal goals and refocus on those relationship issues, coping skills and stress management techniques that we may have put on hold during this difficult time. Our therapists are committed to support you and provide you with the emotional tools to regain your mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

With our new “hybrid” model of office space, we hope to continue to provide quality counseling services in person and online depending on each individual's comfort level and availability. It is our hope that our new model of treatment will give each client greater access to treatment while continuing to provide professional, compassionate and friendly support.

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