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Could I Possibly be Depressed?

Depression Quiz: 10 simple questions to ask yourself.

Sadness is something everybody deals with sometimes. Depression, however, is a very common clinical diagnosis that can have serious effects on a person’s life. Depression can cause a persistently unhappy mood as well as a loss of interest in activities. This can cause significant impairment in daily life including impacting our families, physical health, job performance, relationships and our overall sense of ourselves. Try this brief assessment to check if you might be suffering from depression.

Respond to the following statements on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 meaning you don’t agree at all, and 10 meaning you agree very much.

1. It is difficult for me to concentrate.

2. I feel tired even when I am well-rested.

3. I have not been sleeping well or more than usual.

4. I am often irritated or easily upset.

5. I have lost interest in areas of life in which I used to take great joy.

6. It takes a lot of effort for me to start a task or my day.

7. I am sometimes overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

8. I have noticed a change in my appetite (loss of appetite or over-eating).

9. I think a lot about major and minor defects in my life.

10. I have thoughts of suicide.

Add up the values of your responses. If you scored 50 or higher you might be suffering from moderate to severe depression. This is not a diagnosis! This is merely a tool to help you gauge where you may be. This information does not take the place of seeing a mental health professional for a true perspective of what you might be going through. If you feel that you are struggling with depression or any of the symptoms above, contact us here at Gooding Wellness Group. We believe in finding evidence-based strategies to counter negative thought patterns and together creating a formula for success. Implementing a strategy for physical and mental wellness together will prove to be a valuable tool for recovery. The goal is to explore these patterns and find strategies to replace them with more positive and nurturing patterns. The counselors at Gooding Wellness Group are always willing to lend a helpful ear in an upstanding, supportive, and professional environment. Give us a call today! (631) 351-2940.

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