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Awareness & Acceptance


The mind, body and spirit are intimately connected to how we assess our overall health and wellness. Most of us can agree that our own mental, physical and spiritual wellness is the single most important priority in our lives. However, how much of our energy and hard work goes into nourishing and improving these areas of our lives? In today's fast paced world, many of us spend too much time and energy on areas of our lives that are draining and depleting and not nearly enough time on the areas of our lives that enrich and nourish our health, wellness and overall sense of joy. The good news is we all have the ability to adapt and change.


Today’s world is full of constant distractions coming our way leaving many of us with a sense of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and mindless in our own lives. These distractions divert our attention from the areas of our lives that are most important to us and that we hope to cultivate. When we spend more time believing misconceptions about ourselves, mindlessly following a belief that isn't true about ourselves or acting on old behaviors that haven’t served us any good for years, we are driving ourselves further and further away from the people we want to be. Once we accept where we are, we can then choose a new path forward. You are not alone.


If overall wellness is going to be a priority in our lives, we must be mindful to treat it a priority and not get distracted by old patterns of thinking and behaving. Today we can choose to make ourselves and our lives a priority. Today we can choose to be present in our lives and put our energy where we want it to go as opposed to where we let it go. Today we can choose to be happy. Today we can choose to make our own mental and physical wellness a priority again.


With Gordon and the therapists at Gooding Wellness, the focus is on helping you nurture your own overall sense of wellness. This focus on wellness contains many aspects including: emotional, physical, interpersonal, spiritual, intellectual, financial and occupational. Our goal is to help assist you in finding the path to wellness that is best for you. We all have the potential to improve our emotional health and find peace of mind. The only thing in the way, at times, is ourselves. Are you ready to find your path?

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