Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Psychotherapist / Hypnotherapist

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Stephen believes that obstacles and challenges can be used to access our own unique and powerful inner resources.  Each individual’s experience is a workable situation and provides opportunity for greater joy in their life.  Clients are encouraged to nurture a positive relationship with themselves so they may identify, develop, and realize their goals and aspirations.


Stephen specializes in helping clients struggling with depression, anxiety, obsessive thought patterns, addiction recovery, relationship conflicts, and trauma.  Working from an extensive background in mindfulness practice, hypnotherapy, and clinical psychotherapy, Stephen is dedicated to the practice of helping others to promote wellness and healing.


Stephen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is a graduate of Fordham University’s School of Social Service and recently completed his MBA at Stony Brook University. Having worked professionally in a variety of fields including psychiatric research, community mental health, business and finance, and the environmental sciences, Stephen has a wide array of experiences to draw on that enables him to establish positive, therapeutic and supportive relationships with the clients he serves.

Stephen Gross, LCSW

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