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Making personal changes in our lives and discovering a new path forward can be a rewarding and empowering experience.  Greg offers a warm, genuine, and accepting environment for his clients to begin that journey.  

Before becoming a counselor with Gooding Wellness, Greg worked on Long Island as a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach. He has experience working in recovery outreach facilities and with intensive outpatient programs.   Greg has worked with a diverse population on issues including anger and stress management, depression and anxiety, and addiction. 

Greg utilizes a person-centered approach to develop a personalized treatment plan for the individual that focuses on their strengths.  Greg emphasizes motivational interviewing, CBT interventions, mindfulness, and the importance of a supportive therapeutic relationship.  He also provides relapse prevention strategies and 12-step recovery techniques to aid clients in maintaining and sustaining their recovery.  Greg believes that all individuals have the power to make profound changes in their lives and offers support by lending a compassionate and empathetic ear to his clients.

Greg Schult, MHC-LP

Mental Health Counselor

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