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Winter 2024: Good News from The Gooding Wellness Group

Updated: Apr 7

Gooding Wellness Group in Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Welcome to the first edition of the Gooding Wellness Newsletter! Newsworthy happenings are always occurring both inside and outside of our practice, and we plan to share these events with you throughout the year. Hear about what our therapists have been up to between sessions to help others in the community, further their expertise and knowledge, and support mental health efforts in your community.


Gordon, Peter and Liana Were Featured on LI News Radio

In December, Liana, Peter, and Gordon were all featured on LI News Radio with host Aynissa Leonard from Water Gap Wellness. Liana and Aynissa discussed a variety of topics, including trauma and EMDR. Peter, Gordon, and Aynissa discussed current trends we are seeing with young people and mental health issues, and effective ways to help them manage. See more and listen in on our Media Mentions Page.


Gordon Completed Part 3 AF-EMDR Training

Gordon Gooding, LCSW

In January, Gordon completed Part 3 of his Attachment Focused - EMDR Training and is now on his way to becoming fully certified in the next 12 months. AF-EMDR is designed to heal relational trauma. It can especially help those who have insecure attachment styles. AF-EMDR and traditional EMDR are now offered regularly in our practice, by a variety of our therapists, and have had tremendous results. Read more about EMDR on our website and meet our trained clinicians.


Gooding Wellness Sponsors “Every Brilliant Thing” at Theatre Three

Gooding Wellness Group at Theatre Three

On January 18, 2024, Water Gap Wellness, Newport Healthcare, The Kenneth Peters Center for Recovery, and The Gooding Wellness Group teamed up to sponsor a local Theater Three production of “Every Brilliant Thing.” Community members were invited to watch a heart-filled and humorous story about depression, and the lengths we will go to for those we love. The event was enjoyed by all and helped raise awareness on suicide and mental health.


New Virtual Support Group with Wellbridge

Wellbridge Virtual Support Group

In February, Wellbridge Treatment & Research Center and the Gooding Wellness Group teamed up for a weekly virtual support group geared toward family members who have loved ones struggling with addiction. The group is led by our own Liana Ross, LMHC, and is free of charge on Tuesday evenings at 7:00.


Liana Ross, LMHC feature on Huffington Post!

Our own Liana Ross, LMHC, was mentioned in a Huffington Post article this past February. The article, “The Red Flags You’re Actually Too Independent, According To Therapists", mentions Liana Ross and her work helping individuals with relationship and attachment issues. We are so very proud that Liana gets to share her knowledge on the national stage. Read more from this article in our Media Mentions Page.


Congratulations to Michelle Gegwich, LCSW on Winning Best Hypnotherapist on Long Island

Michelle Gegwich, Best of Long Island

We are very proud to announce that our own, Michelle Gegwich, LCSW, recently won the title of Best Hypnotherapist in the Bethpage Best of Long Island contest. Michelle and her hypnotherapy practice helps patients through a voluntary state of relaxed and focused attention that can help make positive changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This therapeutic technique can be used on its own or in combination with other forms of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Congratulations again, Michelle!


March was National Social Work Month!

National Social Work Month - Gordon Gooding, LCSW

Each March we recognize the tireless efforts that social workers across this country make to help build strong individuals and communities. At the heart of the Gooding Wellness Group is our Founder and Director, Gordon Gooding, LCSW, who has been a passionate social worker for the past 28 years. At the Gooding Wellness Group we took time this March to recognize all of our outstanding social workers on our clinical team and throughout the community.


Thank you for stopping by and visiting us. We hope spring brings you many pleasantly warm and sun-filled days. Stay tuned for our next edition this coming June. In the meanwhile, you can stay connected with us on Instagram and reach out to us anytime here.

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