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Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Supervisor / Psychotherapist


Carrie has been working with families and children for the past 20 years. Carrie's goal is to establish a safe, comfortable, and secure environment for her clients. Her philosophy in sessions with her clients centers on building on a client’s strengths in order to help them move towards the goals they choose for themselves.  


"I believe that we all have the ability and strength to overcome obstacles in our lives and create the change that we seek. I help clients to focus on what they CAN do as opposed to what they CAN'T." 


Carrie has extensive experience working with families and individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, social anxiety, self-image issues, ADHD, and more.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology and solution focused therapy are some of the clinical tools she brings to her practice. Carrie is dedicated to finding what strategies and therapeutic interventions work best with each client.

Carrie Bilitzki, LCSW

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