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Today children and teenagers face obstacles that are different from any we’ve seen in the past. Technology and social media have completely changed the world and the way we grow up. At the same time, some of the challenges we face are exactly the same, particularly the struggle to fit in at the same time we’re learning about and trying to become our own person.


While I have experience treating clients of all ages, working with children and adolescents has been the most rewarding. Combining the tools of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with my experience as a junior-senior high school social worker, I recognize the importance of building rapport and taking the time to learn about each person’s goals in order to find the right approach to achieving them.

That’s why I believe the key to helping clients is by getting to know each person on their own terms. Seeking help and taking part in therapy is a sign of strength, and demonstrates you have the desire to change and grow. I believe each client deserves to get the most out of their experience, which is why my approach is flexible, and tailored to meet each person’s needs and goals.


Helping children and their families make their way through a critical time of development while developing healthy coping skills, developing your own personality, setting life goals, and maneuvering through a minefield of information and social media is crucial. Navigating life’s changes and transitions is challenging and is easier with the right support. There’s no reason you have to face it alone. 

Emily Dolan, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker 

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