Clinical Director / Licensed Clinical Social Worker


My clients would describe me as compassionate, direct, non-judgmental, and focused on resolving challenges.  My goal is to build a strong therapeutic relationship that allows vulnerabilities to be expressed and concerns to be shared.  Clients can expect to be met with respect, empathy, and a treatment approach tailored to their specific needs.  


While I enjoy working with clients of all ages with a broad spectrum of issues, I specialize in substance use disorders, its effects on the family, and other process addictions.  As a high school social worker, I work with adolescents that are challenged with a diversity of issues: addiction, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, life transitions, self-harm, disordered eating, relationship challenges, truancy,
and sexuality.


I utilize solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing.  By using various therapeutic approaches and techniques, my clients and I explore thought and behavior patterns that may be damaging, destructive or not self-serving.  


By exploring what we believe and being open to change, by practicing effective coping skills, and by utilizing the strengths we already have, it is certainly possible to move toward a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. And as someone once said, “you can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails.”

Reisa Berg-Villani LCSW

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